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QLM integrates medical insurance card with Qatar ID

Life | 2017/03/16 at 7:00 PM | 117 Views

Q Life & Medical Insurance Company (QLM),

Qatar’s leading health and life insurer, yesterday became the first private insurer in the country to announce integration of its medical cards with Qatar ID.

This innovative move by the company enables its customers to avail benefits of QLM service through their Qatar ID,

doing away with need to carry QLM medical card. This unique service can be availed by both nationals and expatriates.

“In keeping with our leading position in the market, we are thrilled to be the first private insurer in Qatar to introduce this unique service offering in the market. Not only does it highlight our passion for leading innovation, but also casts a spotlight on our appetite for service excellence,” said Salem Al Mannai, Deputy Group President and CEO of QIC-Mena Region addressing a press conference held at its headquarters at West Bay.

He added that with the launch of this new service, QLM has taken a vital step towards raising the profile of the medical insurance sector by bringing in innovative solutions that align with global standards and practices.

“At QLM bringing convenience to the forefront has always been the integral part of our customer-centric approach. We have taken a step forward to simplify the process in order to enrich the experience of our members. In addition, QLM Mobile App and online services which were launched earlier help members in availing quality healthcare services including checking the validity of the ID,” said Al Mannai.

To ensure smooth transition, members who are already having valid medical cards can avail of the services till their expiry or alternatively they may use their national/resident ID card.

“The current cards distributed in the market will remain active till the expiry date but from today it will be optional for the clients to get services from service providers with Qatari ID. So it is not anymore necessary to carry QLM card to service providers,” said Al Mannai.

Rated ‘A/Stable’ by Standard & Poor’s, QLM differentiates itself from its peers by delivering bespoke and innovative medical insurance solutions with unmatched customer service.

Relating this new service, QLM members can enquire or seek further assistance at the QLM help desks located at all the major healthcare providers across Qatar.

QLM has established itself as a pioneer in the medical insurance sector in Qatar, with its highly experienced in-house team of experts coupled with innovative technologies and a wide network of medical service providers, QLM is well positioned to deliver the world class healthcare services to its multicultural client base.


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