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Qatar Institute for Public Finance holds ‘Value-for-Money in Government’ workshop

Events | 2017/04/28 at 7:00 AM | 65 Views

The Qatar Institute for Public Finance (QIPF),

in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), has organised a three-day workshop on ‘Value-for-Money in Government’.

The event, hosted by the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA),

comes in the context of the three organisations’ reaffirmation of their commitment to developing sustainable and efficient public finance strategies through the presentation of research and studies dedicated to the Mena region.

QFBA CEO Dr Abdulaziz al-Horr said: “The workshop will be a unique addition to the ongoing efforts to achieve a qualitative leap forward in the efficient and effective use of funds in the government sector in Qatar and the region. 

“During the meeting, best practices in the field of public financial management will be presented, through specialised papers addressing specific financial issues in the region that aim to empower finance officials in the government sector to follow a rationalisation strategy in setting costs and cutting spending within the framework of public finance.”

The OECD, as an international organisation that promotes policies that improve the economic and social welfare of people around the world, enables governments to understand and address economic, social and environmental issues, opportunities, and challenges. It covers various aspects of fiscal discipline and sustainability, in addition to resource allocation and cash efficiency in government operations.

In turn, the QIPF continues to collaborate with the MoF as a central institution responsible for Qatar’s economy and public finance, through its market research to analyse gaps in public sector finance, finding solutions through specialised research, and implementing the outcome through training programmes.

QFBA was established by the Qatar Financial Centre to create a Qatar-based learning and development organisation for delivering pragmatic and innovative financial services education. The academy targets people who are qualified to start financial work, all the way to senior executives, training them in basic financial disciplines in the areas of banking, asset management, capital markets and insurance.


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