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KAHRAMAA President Calls for Achieving Water Security and Electricity

Business | 2016/02/22 at 11:15 PM | 26 Views

President of Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) Engineer Essa bin Hilal Al Kuwari, who is Chairman of Arab Union of Electricity called on participants in the electric power and water desalination conference, currently under way in Doha, to come up with effective and enforceable recommendations, to ensure achievement of water security and electricity to these countries.

Speaking at the opening session of the conference, Al Kuwari urged attendees to complete the electrical networks between Arab region’s countries , both internally and externally, to rationalize , reduce water wastage in all types of its uses (agriculture – industry – domestic use) and to raise efficiency of water use in agriculture and review government subsidies for electricity and water prices.

He called on participants to work to complete the establishment of regulatory frameworks for integration of energy and water policies to achieve the required sustainability and encourage scientific research in the areas of energy and water to cover all aspects such as production, consumption and to increase renewable and new energies in power generation in particular solar and wind energy.

Engineer Al Kuwari stressed that in spite of water abundance in the world, the available and good for human uses are not always available in quantity or quality at a suitable time or desired place, saying that 97.5% of all water on earth is salty and that only 2.5% as fresh water and only 1% of the fresh water on earth is directly accessible to human uses via surface water or wells and the remainder is in the form of ice or in very deep wells.
The Chairman of Arab Union of Electricity explained that the geographical distribution of sources of renewable water in the world exacerbated the problem of water shortage in the Arab region, where the region is suffering from a scarcity of water resources as a result of climatic and natural conditions, including the scarcity of rain and lack of river water.

He said that the demand of the Arab countries of water is estimated at about 261 trillion cubic meters with a gap of 42 trillion cubic meters that will rise up to 319 trillion cubic meters between 2020-2030 with a gap of 119 trillion cubic meters and then the demand up to 393 trillion cubic meters in 2040-2050 with a gap of 194 trillion cubic meters.

Al-Kuwari went on to say that the desalination in the Arab region is one of the traditional solutions to reduce the gap between supply and demand, particularly in the Gulf states, which are suffering from a great shortage of water resources, as most of the GCC countries produce 57% of the worldwide desalination production. (QNA)

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